BISP | Tracking, CNIC, Cash Payment System 2020

BISP – Tracking & Cash Payment Management Information System

BISP CNIC Tracking information and Management system is launched. Now Track your BISP Application and check about Installement issued by the Govt. Benazir income support programe is specailly launched for the poor people of Pakistan. Only widdows are eligible for for this programme, In 2008 this programme is launched by Pakistan People Party govt on the name of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. Department of Internation Department is Foreign of This project.

BISP Tracking By CNIC

BISP Apllication and form Tracking is easy just follow the following steps and track your BIPS application. Check that how much installement are on your ATM Card which is launched by HBL. Just follow the link below and track tha payment and cash information.

Click on the Link and after that a page will open and there you can search about Payments and helpline numbers are also there as per your region and City. E-Mail address of BIPS offices available there, you can submit complaints by dialing those number or can send E-mails with your CNIC and Mobile numbers.

Govt Support

First Benazir Income Support was launched in 2008 and the chairperson of this programme was Dr. Farzana Raja but later on Pakistan Muslim League N continued this programe appointed Maryam Nawaz as a Chairperson of this project but after facing criticim of opposition and after the orders of High court Marvi Memon became new chairperson of BISP. After Completing 5 years of PMLN, PTI Cam into power and appoint Dr. Sania Nishter as a Chairperson of this project, no doubt she is capble for this post and she made many changes in this project to stop fraud transaction and remove many fake account include Govt Employees.


New Bio metric system launched to withdraw money, now beneficriy can withdraw installemt with bio metric system, NADRA and Govt intriduced new system with the help of HBL, because of fraudlent cases across the Pakistan govt Decided to launch this system to make Benazir Income Support Programme neat and Clean.

Elegibility Criteria

  • Family with Holding Female Valid CNIC
  • Family Income Must be less than 6,000
  • Applicant widow or Divorced eliegible for this programme
  • Physical mental and Disable person also eligible

Ineleigible Families

  • Govt Employees or Army man are ineleigible
  • Own 3 Acres of Land or 80 Yard House
  • Individual Having Electronic Passport


This Project is Successfully running from 11 Years and still working for women, BISP Launched specailly to empower and to support the poor household women.


Beneficiry will receive 1500 Per month cash payment to buy food and flour for the whole month.


Toll Free Numbers

Toll-Free Number: 0800-26477